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This page links to articles, statistics and other resources related to improving customer retention and other ways to improve the operation of your service lane.

Service To The Rescue

Randy Johnson

Don't panic!

Several dealers I have talked to are in panic mode and cutting everything. Come on guys, you know you can't save yourself into a profit...

Here's the deal–there is an awesome opportunity in your service department. Do not let it pass you by; you can make a profit when you need it, right now. Build traffic at your store which can spill over to the sales department and plant the seeds of future car sales as customers build relationships with your service salespeople.

At over 70 percent gross, there is more money to be made in service than in any other department of your store.

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Lee Harkins says fixed operations “getting a lot of attention”

Good Service Departments ‘Sell’ Cars

Steve Findlay

A dealership service department's role should go beyond maintaining and fixing vehicles. "We're also a support function of the sales department," says Lee Harkins, a fixed-operations consultant. "Our job is to help sell cars. To support that effort, we must retain our customers."

"My passion is fixed operations because that's where the business is and that's where a sale is made," Fenster says, referring to data indicating customers who are satisfied with a dealership's service department are more likely to buy their future vehicles at that store.

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Active Delivery: Birthing the Next Service Visit

Ed Kovalchick

Active delivery is the art of managing the conclusion of the service process to help guarantee these two objectives:

  1. The customer is comfortable paying for the service received
  2. The customer will be returning for future service

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One Benefit of a Service Call Center

Shawn Ryder

Incredible opportunities from centralization

Today, customers require flexibility from retail services. Those companies that provide options will be those who retain their customer base.

The call center also helps with shop loading and scheduling. In addition, it frees the service advisors from taking reservations and allows them to be on the drive or in selling activities.

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