WHY ShopTrak?


Dealership service departments are complex operations in a highly competitive sector. Dealer management systems (DMS) do many things well, but are missing some key systems necessary to maximize control, customer satisfaction, and revenues. ShopTrak integrates with, and supplements your DMS to provide the features you need to be as successful as possible.

ShopTrak is THE BEST service scheduler in North America — designed to meet the needs of successful dealerships.

Optimize Shop-Loading

  • Maximize the revenues from your shops
  • Reduce the number of carry-overs & repeat concerns
  • Provide faster turn-around – meet more promise times
  • Eliminate both over-booking & under-booking

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Provide more face-time & offer personalized service
  • Eliminate annoying check-in line-ups
  • Increase customer loyalty, retention and referrals
  • Sell more services & more new cars

Improve Resource Management

  • Schedule multiple shops & multi-day jobs
  • Schedule ALL your special services
  • Schedule ALL your loaners – by category
  • Make staff more productive & accountable

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