WHY ShopTrak?

Increase Control & Efficiency

The Ultimate Scheduler

ShopTrak has the easiest, most comprehensive service scheduler available anywhere. On 1- screen, we show what takes over 80 screens in Reynolds!

PLUS, we incorporate loaners, shuttles, waiters, valets, car-washes... anything needing a schedule.

ShopTrak can replace all non-integrated systems: log books, spreadsheets, calendars, whiteboards, stacks of print-outs, etc. We do it all – simply.

Optimize Shop Loading

ShopTrak maximizes revenues by helping to utilize every available tech hour. Plus we increase control over shops to optimize them for your operation:

  • Create sub-shops, like detailing or PDI
  • Share shops with other stores (eg: body shop)
  • Book hours for multi-day jobs accurately
  • Unlimited tech adjustments – total control

We put information at your fingertips, eliminating the guesswork and errors that lead to problems.

Maximize Resource ROI

ShopTrak provides a competitive advantage by optimizing the use & value of all the resources you have invested in. The benefits of this include:

  • Wring every billable hour out of your techs
  • Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Make all staff more productive and accountable

ShopTrak's Scheduler is an indispensable tool.

Request a Demo and let us show you how ShopTrak can help your operation.

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