WHY ShopTrak?

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction = $$$

In the competitive auto sales & service market, customer satisfaction (CS) is vital to customer retention and to maximize revenues.

Service departments have the greatest impact on overall customer satisfaction ratings (CSI). Vehicle manufacturers often give bonuses to dealers that achieve a high CSI because it is so critical for both repeat sales and attracting new customers.

The ShopTrak Advantage

Most dealerships have weaknesses when dealing with customers. ShopTrak is an integrated solution that addresses the most common problems:

  • Eliminate long check-in lines & slow service
  • Reduce turn-around time for waiters
  • More customer face-time – less time typing
  • Tools for advisors to manage promise times
  • Get new staff productive in days – not weeks
  • Schedule everything faster and more accurately

Improve Your Bottom Line

Service managers face many challenges: staffing, market conditions, competition, etc. So action to improve customer satisfaction often seems like a lower priority.

But every day, customers are creating impressions based on the interactions they have with your staff, so the speed, quality and efficiency of this service is affecting your bottom line – for better or worse.

Request a Demo and let us show you how ShopTrak can help your operation.

J.D. Power and Associates research shows that organizations that outperform the competition in terms of satisfying their customers are the ones that garner the highest levels of loyalty, brand advocacy, and financial performance.
In automotive dealer service, time and convenience have a direct impact on customer behavior and are often leading causes for brand defection. Yet despite the importance and increasing customer expectations for more timely service, most dealers have not addressed the issue.
In a J.D. Power survey of dealership service customers, 81.5% of customers who said they were greeted immediately upon arrival at the service department went on to rate their service visit as outstanding.